The GoatMan

Tom Thwaites is the author of The Toaster Project, a book chronicling his attempt to build a toaster using preindustrial means. He went on an international book tour, and made television appearances. But he was in a slump.

His friends were doing adult things. He lived at home with his father. He didn’t have a “real” job. He was feeling the weight of the world, and thought it might be better to be an animal for a while — immune from the frustrations and responsibilities of human existence.

The biomedical charity the Wellcome Trust agreed and provided a grant to fund his transformation. His goal was to become as authentically goat as possible, and cross through the Alps with his herd.

In his new book, GoatMan, Thwaites documents how he took a vacation from being human. His project offers a unique perspective into neuroscience, animal behavior and biomechanics.

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